What will the world be like by 2050?

Every human being in the world wants to know what our future will be like but no one can say for sure what the future will be like but now science has improved a lot. Scientists have some predictions about the future from which we can get an idea of what the future holds Let’s take a look at the features that will make our world what it will be in 2050, almost 32 years from now.

In 2050, the world and more big buildings will be built in India will become a smart city with many benefits and will be almost completely dependent on technology which will allow you to have direct calls on anything in your home AC Fridge Live Television CCTV Camera You can control things through the internet and apps and you can monitor your home from anywhere and before you enter the house you can turn on automatic lights and other things through mobile apps. Good news of the future.

You may have already heard Microsoft Google a few more companies these days. Automotive cars will be dependent on these things. There will be different cameras for the fall if you think that such cars will not actually increase the number of accidents because all cars will be dependent on the road and computerized metro trains currently operating in some developed countries. Has been where just stay in messenger and own at least a few improved places and streets in the future Will be replaced by classroom technology by 2050.

The study method will be completely changed. According to a report, the sea level will increase many times by 2050. So far we have lost five big islands due to the increase in syllabus and a few more deepwater burials in the next 32 years. Due to global warming, the melting of ice in Antarctica and other regions will be the main reason for the increase in sea level. The world’s population will be 960 to 970 crore by 2050 and India’s population will surpass that of China by 2050. 60 to 70 percent of the population will live in cities. By 2050, about 50 percent of jobs will be lost because many jobs will have robot recruitment, especially cash transactions and operating websites will show special skills.

After 32 years, travel will be comfortable. Because of technology, we can see the outside view of the plane on the big screen. Will be able to reach the destination in a very short time. Please comment on how it feels so far today. Hi Friends The Future 2050 Welcome to Episode 2 We discussed a few topics in Part One and today we will discuss one topic. This is not a prophecy.

These predictions given by scientists and experts show the development that can happen in our world We don’t know what will happen a little later, but if the world is right by 2050, then by calculating the growing development, one can get an idea of what the world will be like in 2050, so let’s see what the world will be like in 2050. It may seem unbelievable to us that this song will be very comfortable in this car, so it will not be a favorite, but it will rise to the sky. Reaching the general public By 2050, holographic mobile technology will be very common, but not in 2050, but in the next few years.

A graphic smartphone makes a 3D image of a sensor that moves your face due to a sensor in the camera. Very soon we will be able to use the technology. It will be a common thing for 60 to 70 percent of the people to be clean in time but this is not because people will become very rich so that they will buy sports cards but the price of cars will go down a lot.

We will use development equipment where mobiles and other gadgets will have more chats than today and our virtual reality film will give you several times more advanced equipment in your home. Black-and-white was a big deal at home about twenty years ago, but the current technology is so advanced. It is said that smart TV has come and gone.

By 2050, television will be something like this. Its name is wallpaper TV. Its main feature is that it can be rolled like plastic. The giant television actress will change the language. It will be a common thing to have all these TVs at home in 2050. You must comment on how it feels so far today.

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