What does marriage give women?

What does marriage give women?

What does marriage give women?

Star James’s first wife do you remember Rath? Photosholi was once, in the advertisement, in the play, in the film, in the film also played in the film. The ruth was to leave after marriage, because her husband’s order. The husband James should not be straightforward to make the drama movie. After the end of two children, James divorced wife. He also took another marriage. Rathe with a child to get out of the house in 2003. From that he himself made the child. Our popular James did not help in rearing, and did not spend anything in his wealth. After marriage, Rath was moved away from his acting, James did not have to move away from his song. Even today, such incidents happen in society. The women who believe in the way of independent and self-reliant, they will become the biggest obstacle. The tradition of marriage is standing in the 21st century in the discrimination of men and women in our subcontinent. All creatures of the world are evolved every day, evolution of the rules of creatures are evolutionary. But the evolution of marriage is not almost not being said. Still, the girl has to go to the in-laws.

The syllabus of Hindu girls have to wear verticals, symbols of many superstitions, Pala, lining to wear. Mango is going to wear in the neck. For a long time, the movement abroad is going on in the country for the equality of women, and some educated and aware girl shooting scored after being affected. Where the progressive people will enjoy the freedom of the girls at least, not the judicial of the Gahati High Court, that the influential people of the society are still holding discrimination.

The High Court of Gouqati showed the reason for granted divorce in a case of divorce, because the wife did not wear a vermilion, it can be thought that he does not think her husband as a husband. According to the judges, the sackcloth-or-wearing does not mean to be unmarried or accepting that marriage. It can be judged superstitious and anti-people, it does not believe in the court of the court. If the court of the courts is to establish, protecting the equality of human rights and women, the court believes that the court is compulsory for women wearing a scandal of marriage, then it is unfortunate. As long as the change of masculine mentality, women should suffer. Unfortunately it is the bot. I forgot that the court is not something outer than the society.

The judges of this society are also the people of this society. It is difficult to get married in the house of the father, men, who are married to mother’s house, today. Men do not want to be adult. They want to spend life for their mother’s ‘Cole child’. The father’s brother’s sister looked after the man who took a big man, then the bride was added. Another service. The work of his own responsibility like adults is still not possible by our male. The bride is completely struggled in a new environment. Everyone will continue to protect, but people will tell him evil. Girls have to stay in his father-in-law with complete abandonment of independence of his own independence.

Now I know that the girl will come and say that their father-in-law’s mother-in-law will not have to sacrifice their freedom. But it is that, why a girl should live with her husband’s relatives, the husband is not asked to live with daughter’s relatives and to continue with the mind of everyone! If married, a girl has to take shelter in her husband’s house and leave the family’s house and leave the recognition of the recognition of relatives, friends, laid neighbors, families. Nothing has to leave nothing due to marriage. There is a limit to inequality. Marriage exceeds all the limits. The man who divorced the wife of Assam, was alleged that he did not want to live in his wife in-laws.

This is the reason for the divorce of the man. If the wife does not like any other than a husband, the adult men have separated the wife with a wife, but the children of the mother’s father’s father, who lived with mother father, did not objict to leave the wife. Our men are just a child of the mother of the mother? They say that the children of the wives also go to the forest. They will also look after their shoes and mangos from eating their naawa. There is no desire to become an adult and responsible man of the person of Assam. So organized divorce. If two people do not want to live together, if there is no love between the two, if there is no love to divorce, then divorce should be completed without any problem if someone decides to divorce. It’s also so. There is no objection to divorce. But the appointment of the judge’s comment is coming to the ears.

The judge says married girls should wear the verdure. Meanwhile, married men believe but unmarried men No one can tell a man to see what he is married or unmarried. The same to see married and unmarried men. Married men do not have to carry a wedding mark in the evening. They do not have to wear a rally. There is a limit to inequality. There is no limit, we know. Saying, girls, even girls who love her husband, do not want to wear the Sarah? Then they should have freedom to wear them? Why would not be a release of marriage? Both married Christian and Jewish men in America and both women and women are wearing a turtle in the Anamaka. That’s the sign of their marriage. If a couple do not want to wear the turtle, do not.

These freedom should be among the people of all religions. Neither Muslim men do not have to carry any sign of marriage, the matter is good. But the Muslim girls who do not have to bear the sign of marriage are not to enjoy more freedom than the girls of other religions. Muslim girls are also suffering from the same manlike society. The marriage is becoming increasingly unnecessary day by day. The arrangement of marriage started to legalize the relationship between the Lord-slave. The girls were weak, after being thought, because the girls were thought to be just vaginal and uterus. Girls started the body of men. Each of those factors are now ineffective and meaningless.

The girl who is not weak, the girl’s self-reliance, the identity of the girl who does not believe in his own independence and the right, who believes in the relationship between the Lord-slave, and believes in equality and equality, will he be married? The marriage needed to get the old fingers in the house of being a child of being a child, that men, their. To maintain an ancient practice like marriage, it is important to change and evolution. It will be modern on the basis of equality of women and women in the form of women’s original origin.

Marriage should not be the relationship between husband and wife. The relationship between the two of them and the belief is developed. Because of this marriage, human rights are not diminished. As if the girls do not get married, it became as if they were released from all kinds of captivity, it became another name of independence.

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