Take payment first then work if desired. Bd24pw

Take payment first then work if desired.

Yes, today I will share with you an app where you can take payment by account and then if you want you can watch the video and get unlimited income. So you first install and open the clipclaps app from the Play Store

Login with your Google or Facebook ID

Or you can login with your mobile number by signing in with mobile phone below

Then enter your name and date of birth and click Next

Then you will see three options below. Click on Reward option and click on Redeem option at the top right side. 5575969439 by putting this code in the empty space and clicking on Redeem button, you will get one dollar immediately.

Now if you want to take a payment, you can take a payment of $0.10 directly through your PayPal account.

Then after 24 hours if you login to the apps again you will get one more dollar and after one week if you login you will get five dollars.

If you want to make unlimited income from apps, you can watch videos. You can make unlimited income from here by watching videos.

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