SSC and HSC examinations are cha – Educational News

In a changing world, change comes in the textbooks for about five consecutive years.In this country too, various changes and refinements in the curriculum have been going on for decades.

After 1995, in the light of the 2012 curriculum, science, humanities and business education were divided into three branches in the ninth grade.However, in the end, the plan started in 17 and the work of the same textbook is going on till the tenth class.

In this case, the branch will be divided into higher secondary.The chairman of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board said that as a result, the SSC examination will be changed from 2024.Instead, work is being done on the evaluation system of HSC examination.

In that case there will be two board exams.Once in the eleventh grade, once in the twelfth grade.The result of HSC will be added by adding the results of two examinations.According to the new curriculum, there will be two days weekly leave in the educational institution.

Curriculum change and refinement warns that urban-rural and educational institutions can no longer discriminate.They called for planning the curriculum in practice without putting pressure on it from above.

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