Special importance to insurance

Special importance to insurance

Under the new road transport law, passengers and pedestrians will be able to drive on the road and passengers will be compensated in case of any kind of accident. According to the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, third parties or passengers were obliged to drive. Section 155 of the Act did not provide insurance but penalties, but under the 2018 Road Transport Act, insurance is not mandatory. However, the BRTA has already sent a letter to the law enforcement agencies informing many about this.

Our opponents say that in case of any accident or loss of transport or passengers, compensation could be obtained by air, so even if the insurance for the third party is stopped, the insurance of the first party should be made compulsory.

The BRTA says the national would not have benefited so much from third-party insurance, so the new law does not make it mandatory, but a welfare fund is being set up to compensate passengers.

However, analysts say the government should be vigilant to ensure that passengers are compensated after the accident.

One-fourth of all accidents in the country are caused by motorcycles, but most drivers do not receive third party insurance in Australia. The victims and their families do not receive any compensation. Most drivers do not know why this insurance is effective.

Motorcycles lined up on mechanical roads are still increasingly used by city dwellers to avoid the risk of sight-seeing and save time. Most people do not know about the effectiveness of the road insurance, even if it is a nominal insurance for road traffic.

Policemen on duty on the streets are part of their responsibility to look only at the duration of insurance and other information. Insurance Involvement Says Motorcycle Dealers Provide Nominal Third-Party Insurance to Avoid Police Harassment on the Road. They also think that insurance companies should be sincere in meeting insurance claims.

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