Rules and ways to apologize

Rules and ways to apologize
Bd24pw: Sometimes people go from sinking in the sea of sin, sometimes people forget that one day he will stand in front of God. Accept all the works of life. The people are busy with the world that there is no time to say ‘Astadfirullah’ at one time looking back towards his wickedness.
But the greatest grain of all time, Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to read Istigar 100 times a day. For whom Paradise is preserved, white, whose leaves are white than milk, if the greatest Istigar reads every day, then what are we sitting in hand and feet?
The importance of Istigfar in the light of the Qur’an:
One of the 99 qualitors of Allah is a- الغفار, the exile; Who loves to forgive the sins of the servant. Karim is found in Karim in the Qur’an about the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. Allah Almighty (O Prophet! You) tell my servants, “Surely I am the Merciful and infinite merciful.
(Sura Hijrah: 49) Otherwise, Allah said, those who insult evil, then repentance and do righteous deeds, your lord is wrong and infinite merciful to them. (Sura Nahol: 119) In other verses, God says (O Prophet! You) say, O my Lord! Excuse me and worship your mercy on me. Surely you are most merciful. (Sura Muminoon: 118)
The importance of Istigafar in the light of the hadith: The importance of Istigafar in many hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). According to Abdullah bin Abbas, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If someone wants forgiveness to more than Allah, Allah will release him from all kinds of suffering, giving salvation from frustration and anxiety and giving him the source from such source, (Allah) in another Hadith, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that the person who wants to forgive regular God through Istigafar for his wickedness, Allah will blow his poverty.
He will protect him from all dangers and safety. And in the grace of Allah, he will be rejoined from such source, which he did not think. The other hadith came to the Hadith, said the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the person daily 25-26 times that all Muslims will recite Istigar for all Muslim male-women, God will make Mustaazabud Dawah (all whom all whose acceptance).
  • Mustazabud is a person who is a person who prayed only Allah will accept his prayer.
Istigafer’s method:
God’s forgiveness door is always open. So Toba can not be postponed for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is uncertain. Therefore, immediately after any sin, it should be repentant through Istigafar. There are several conditions to accept repentance to Allah –
  • Firstly, confesses in the past, must be ashamed of Allah.
  • Secondly, in the future, God will have to promise not to do the sin.
  • Thirdly, for forgiveness of Caiamobakah for his crime for Allah.
  • And the last heart will hate that sin. If a servant’s rights involves the crime, then it will be done.
Benefits of Istigafar:
The only way to sin is that I beg for forgiveness from Istigar, and Allah. When people suffer from sin, people can return to the Creator through repentance through repentance and the right way. Disappointment and anxiety through Istigfar are removed. This is an important medium of God’s mercy. The prayers were accepted through Istigfar and the doors of Rizik opened it. If more Istigade increases knowledge and performance. Every day God remembered through Istigar’s lessons. All of the people of God are more deeply available in the heart. And it can be survived from the wickedness.
Last word:
The importance of Istigfar is immense. This is the only way to go to Paradise by achieving Allah’s forgiveness. Apart from this, Registration increased through Istigafar, the soul is strong and danger-fondness is removed.
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