NFL expectations: Guess the week four scores against Jason and Osi

It’s the ideal opportunity for you to put your NFL expectation aptitudes under a magnifying glass.

Our specialists, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell, have chosen the three games they think will be critical in week three and clarify why underneath.

In any case, who do you concur with? Furthermore, who do you have in your end of the week picks? Vote underneath, and we’ll uncover who did the best.

Sunday: Cleveland Browns at the Baltimore Ravens

Osi: Baltimore Ravens. Tans are improving, yet didn’t play especially well a week ago; it will be an intense game. Baltimore Ravens are too solid at this moment.

Jason: I’m going with the Ravens. They’re a greatly improved all-round group. I think the issue with the Cleveland Browns is the thing that we said toward the start of the year – hostile line. They can’t secure Baker Mayfield.

Sunday: New England Patriots at the Buffalo Bills

Jason: I’m going with New England however this will be a hard-took on conflict. Wild ox Bills are a genuine group, they’re average this year.

Osi: generally speaking, I never pick against the England Patriots except if they’re playing the New York Giants. Be that as it may, the Buffalo Bills are in New York – I’m going with the Buffalo Bills! It’s only something about the manner in which they’re playing. They’re lumpy, they’re extreme, crushed my football crew. New England are plainly the better football crew however there’s something noticeable all around with this Buffalo Bills group.

Monday: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

Osi: New Orleans. It’s practically difficult to go there and get a triumph. The Dallas Cowboys are the better group and they’re the group with everything going at the present time. In the event that this was anyplace however New Orleans I would have gone with the Dallas Cowboys.

Jason: I must go with the Cowboys. They play up to their opposition. It will be a tight game. They will go in there and get it going and show they’re the genuine Cowboys.

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