Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Quite a long time ago, there carried on a shepherd kid who was exhausted watching his run of sheep on the slope. To delight himself, he yelled, “Wolf! Wolf! The sheep are being pursued by the wolf!” The residents came hurrying to support the kid and spare the sheep. They don’t discovered anything and the kid just snickered taking a gander at their irate appearances.

“Try not to tell a shameful lie when there’s no wolf kid!”, they said irately and left. The kid just giggled at them.

Sooner or later, he got exhausted and falsely sounded the alarm!’ ‘once more, tricking the townspeople a subsequent time. The furious locals cautioned the kid a subsequent time and left. The kid kept watching the herd. Sooner or later, he saw a genuine wolf and cried uproariously, “Wolf! If you don’t mind help! The wolf is pursuing the sheep. Help!”

In any case, this time, nobody went up to assistance. Before dinnertime, when the kid didn’t return home, the locals thought about what befell him and went up the slope. The kid sat on the slope sobbing. “For what reason didn’t you come when I got out that there was a wolf?” he asked indignantly. “The group is dispersed now”, he said.

An old resident moved toward him and stated, “Individuals will have a hard time believing liars in any event, when they come clean. We’ll search for your sheep tomorrow first thing. We should return home at this point”.

Moral Stories For Kids


Lying breaks trust. No one trusts a liar, in any event, when he is coming clean.

The Midas Touch

Moral Stories
Moral Stories

The Midas contact

In old Greek, there was a lord named Midas. He had a ton of gold and all that he required. He likewise had a wonderful little girl. Midas adored his gold without a doubt, yet he cherished his little girl more than his wealth.

At some point, a satyr named Silenus got alcoholic and went out in Midas’ rose nursery. Accepting that Satyrs continually bring good karma, Midas gives Silenus a chance to rest in his castle until he is calm, against the desires of his better half and little girl. Silenus is a companion of Dionysus, the lord of wine and festivity. After learning Midas’ consideration towards his companion, Dionysus chooses to remunerate the barrel.

When approached to want for something, Midas says “I wish all th

at I contact goes to gold”. Despite the fact that Dionysus realized it was anything but a good thought, he conceded Midas his desire.

Cheerful that his desire was without a doubt, Midas circumvented contacting irregular things in the nursery and his royal residence and transformed them all into gold. He contacted an apple, and it transformed into a sparkling gold apple. His subjects were flabbergasted yet glad to see such a great amount of gold in the royal residence.

In his joy, Midas proceeded to embrace his girl, and before he understood, he transformed her into a dead, brilliant statue! Dismayed, Midas kept running back to the nursery and called for Dionysus. He asked the god to remove his capacity and spare his little girl. Dionysus gives Midas an answer for make a huge difference back to how it was before the desire. Midas took in his exercise and carried on with an amazing remainder battled with what he had.

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