Moral Stories For Students

Moral Stories

Here is a huge accumulation of Moral Stories. From all districts of the world, this accumulation has been made to speak to the genuine soul of our way of life. The underlining standards would be truth, love, common regard, uprightness, integrity, holiness, need to cultural solidarity, and so on… All individuals, including the elderly individuals, would appreciate perusing these accounts. You are free to impart these accounts to your companions.

Through little stories, the thought is to represent the significance of our human culture. Through the tales one can become familiar with the different parts of our lives. We urge individuals to peruse the tales cautiously and apply the Moral learnt through the tales in their regular day to day existence.

A Moral Story : A Wise Counting

Give us a chance to appreciate perusing this account of A Wise Counting.

Head Akbar was prone to put enigmas and riddles to his subjects. He frequently posed inquiries which were unusual and clever. It took a lot of knowledge to respond to these inquiries.

When he posed an extremely abnormal inquiry. The subjects were idiotic collapsed by his inquiry.

Akbar looked at his subjects. As he looked, individually the heads started to drape low looking for an answer. It was right now that Birbal entered the patio. Birbal who knew the idea of the head immediately got a handle on the circumstance and asked, “May I know the inquiry with the goal that I can go after an answer”.

Without even a minute’s idea, Birbal answered “There are fifty thousand 500 and eighty nine crows, my master”.

“How might you be so certain?” asked Akbar.

“Make the most of you Men, My ruler. On the off chance that you discover more crows it implies some have come to visit their relatives here. On the off chance that you discover less number of crows it implies some have gone to visit their relatives somewhere else”.

Akbar was satisfied particularly by Birbal’s mind.


Moral stories

Feline and Dog were Friends.

Feline and Dog were Friends : 

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie was a nervy young man. He got a kick out of the chance to prod individuals particularly young ladies.

One evening, he went to the recreation center close to his home. He found a young lady and attempted to kiss her. The young lady cried and wailed in light of the fact that she didn’t care for Georgie.

At that point, a few young men went to the recreation center and saw Georgie pursuing the young lady. They yelled and giggled boisterously at Georgie. Georgie quit pursuing the young lady and fled feeling humiliated. From there on Georgie dithered to play with his companions since he recollected his humiliation that he looked before his companions. This episode denied him from pursuing young ladies from there on.

Lesson of the story :

Being shameless and insidious has its cutoff points. Keep the peace with the goal that you don’t make issues others.

Dim Goose and Gander

Some time ago, there was a tranquil kingdom. The lord heard bits of gossip that savages were going to assault his palace soon. So he called his two most loved pets – the gigantic dim goose and gander.

“My dear goose and gander, our kingdom is in peril. Take my little girl to a sheltered spot over the tallest slope,” said the lord. So the dim goose and gander flew the princess who sat in a red sheet over the one-strand stream to the highest point of the tallest slope.

A half year had passed however the kingdom was not assaulted. The ruler lamented his choice and advised the dim goose and gander to bring home his little girl. At that point the lord comprehended that he must be cautious before taking activities based up the bits of gossip which need not be valid. The ruler knew about his tact before taking any choice.

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