If you learn that job, you will be able to take a job as a computer operator

Assalamualaikum I hope you are all well. I will try to tell you what practical experience you need to have on computer to apply for the post of computer operator and know the basics of computer for the job. All my brothers and sisters who are not yet aware of these issues should watch them carefully from beginning to end.  

InshaAllah I hope you will benefit. So let’s take a look, if you want to work as a computer operator today, you must have a basic idea about computers. You need to know how and where to do things like mouse, keyboard, printer, network cable, etc. Number two is software installation. You may need to install some software for various tasks.

Again some software that may need to be uninstalled from your computer. So you have to have a general idea about this. Again, there may be minor computer problems, you need to have some technical ideas to solve them. Then typing is to learn typing in two languages for our computer operator job. One is Bengali and one is English.

English is a hassle everyone can type fairly easily. In Bengali, however, typing according to the rules is much easier in Bengali and English. For that you need to type regularly. And for Bengali, you must learn to type using Vijay software. It will come in handy in an official way so keep writing. Start typing again with victory from today.

Learn typing in such a way that your typing speed is 20 words per minute in Bengali. The speed of writing in English must be within you. From writing your job application to writing in Microsoft Word. You can create almost all types of Microsoft Word Processing Office. Currently there is no organization that does not use Microsoft Word.

So there is no alternative to Microsoft Word for a job as a computer operator. Microsoft Excel can be relied upon for many tasks in the account, starting from general accounting. From creating an organization’s annual report on Excel to keeping track of daily expenses, tasks can be easily done in Excel. There is an opportunity to create different types of chat diagrams from Excel to easily understand different data.

So you need to have a good idea about Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be created. In PowerPoint you can present your ideas through different types of designs. So Microsoft PowerPoint is very important for this job. You need to have a good idea about microsoft-office. Internet browsing is an essential element of your office work.

It is very difficult to keep up with the technology-based component. The Internet can be a great way to find the right information. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You should have an email account so you should have a good idea about how to send emails, how to type and how to forward emails. Graphics design software is required for official work.

 Multimedia related work requires the use of Photoshop Illustrator software. This means that not only Photoshop Illustrator is needed for graphics design, but also for Microsoft Office. But since you will be applying for a computer operator, you need to have a general idea about your graphics design. Just because you can do the official general tasks will help you a lot for a computer operator job.

It will help you a lot for computer operator job. One thing I have to say is that every organization has some set of tasks because not all organizations will do the same. After hiring you, they will teach you the work of their organization. So if you have an idea about these things then I hope you will be able to do the job that is given to you from your office.

Now let’s see where you can get this computer knowledge. If you search, you will find that there are many computer training institutes around you. Some of your friends may be very good at these things. It does not cost much money to take training in these areas where you can seek refuge. If you can use the internet, you can find out and learn through YouTube at home.

Hopefully if you know these things for the position of computer operator then no company authority can exclude you from the computer operator in any way. If you like it, give others a chance to know by liking and sharing

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