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How to make money from YouTube?

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money online, then making money from YouTube can be the easiest and most profitable way for you. Today, there are many thousands of YouTubers in the country and abroad, just making so much money from his own YouTube channel that they do not need to do any other work or job. Moreover, these YouTubers are earning thousands of rupees by running their own YouTube channel as a business. Many are earning millions of rupees per month. But, this is what they are getting for their work and hard work.

Now, if you also have the idea of ​​”how to make money from youtube”, then I have the answer or solution. Here I will explain to you the easy way to earn money from YouTube.

The process of making money from YouTube is very simple. But, if you don’t know anything about this, you may have difficulty in the beginning.

What is the income from YouTube?

Advertising is the main source of income from YouTube. This means you let your YouTube channel be used by advertisers and instead you get paid from them. This means that advertisers will show their ads at the beginning or in the middle of your YouTube video and you will earn from YouTube.

In addition, it is possible to earn money from YouTube in various ways like channel membership, super chat, product sales, YouTube premium etc.

How to make money on youtube:

It is possible to make a very good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube is gaining popularity day by day for making money online. A lot of people are making huge amounts of money from YouTube, and you can too if you want. If you have a popular YouTube channel and if it has thousands of subscribers and if the videos you make have good views, you can make good money from YouTube. When you upload a video to YouTube, the ad will be shown along with your video. This ad shows another service of Google through Google AdSense. You need to apply to Google AdSense for ads from YouTube. But don’t worry. Your application will be approved very soon, and ads will start appearing on your uploaded video. There are many ad providing companies in Google AdSense. Those who pay Google. Google will pay you a percentage of that money and Google will keep the rest. But Google will give you this ad only when you:-

  • Video content should be of high quality.
  • Constantly want new video updates.
  • Peoplehave to upload acceptable videos
  • Keep your channel’s viewers and subscribers large.
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of video making is required.

Talent – If you want to make money from your talent, you can’t make money, because you can’t make money, you need to upload unique videos that have been copied to unique videos and unique videos. Music, song, dance, education or blogging is the only way to upload videos that can be uploaded in different languages, such as funny, traveling which is also available to you.

Video Camera – If you have access to the video, you have an HD recording video camera that can also be used for mobile cameras, but the quality of the video is not reduced, but the quality of low-quality videos will be uploaded to your channel. Do not translate viewers Best video editing software – To use video editing software, you need to edit a video editing software, and if you want to edit your videos you will be able to access the Internet, but I recommend you to use the software. Using video editing software Video editing software is used to edit your video, so it is very useful to get your video and you have a lot of money.

Computer – If you can’t do anything else, you can upload your videos to your mobile phone, and if you have to compromise your computer to monetize the videos, you can edit and upload the videos to Waise. If you want to make money from your AdSense company and you want to create a PC for YouTube, or if you don’t have one on your PC, you can’t even sign Jacquard at a cybercafe.

  • Step 1. Your site is on YouTube
  • Step 2. Log in with Google ID as soon as possible.
  • Step 3. Click the My Channel button to access the account.
  • Step 4. Click Add new channel link to access your channel page.
  • Step 5. Now you can create a new channel name here.
  • Step 6. Just upload your videos to 2-4 videos.

How Much Money Does YouTube Make?

You can start earning money from YouTube channel when you start your own channel for monetization. Only then will your video show ads and you will have a chance to earn money.

Now the question is, how much money can you make by creating a channel on YouTube and uploading videos? Will you have enough income to work even if you don’t have any other job?

You see, no one can give you a straight answer to how much money you can make on YouTube. But hey, a lot of people get 2 dollars to 3 dollars per 1000 views. This means that if 1000 people come to your video and watch your video, you can save 2 to 3 dollars by the ads shown in it.

So now think, if the video uploaded to your channel has a total of 5000 views daily, then you can earn about 10 to 15 dollars or more per day. And if that happened then I don’t think there would be any need for another job.

Today, many people are saving millions of dollars a month by uploading videos on YouTube. And you can do that but it will take a little time. Even if you can’t save millions, you can still earn a good number through YouTube channels. Just keep making good videos and uploading them to your channel. This will gradually increase the views on your video and your video will be better displayed in YouTube search.

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